Our History

Our company, which continues to operate since 1992, offers solutions to various industrial companies since it was established. Our company provides project based supply, manufacturing, delivery, import/export and montage works with full customer guarantee and our company did these works already and have strong connections with the pioneering Turkish industrial companies.

“Remeks” is leading intensive work on bridge and other various steel construction manufacturing since 2000s. The manufacturing structure of the company starts from the procurement of the materials and finishes with the manufacturing of the final product. The manufacturing process in queue is: acception of the raw materials, nesting preparation, cutting, manufacturing, montage, welded montage and sand-blasting/coating. All the levels are inspected according to the “GOST, EN, DIN, TSE” quality standards. With the help of the qualified personnel and engineering applications, it is possible to overcome even the most complicated projects.

“Remeks” started the construction of the bridge “Darnitskiy” in Kiev on the river “Dnyeper” at 2005. Total length of the bridge is 3500 meters, width is 47 meters, with the addition of the viaducts and cross-sections, totally consists of 79000 tons of steel construction. 45000 tons of 79000 tons’ steel construction was manufactured by “Remeks” and delivered to the construction site. Regarding to the completion of the bridge steel construction agreement, “South-West Government Railroads of Ukraine” gave “Remeks” superior work and success medal. “Remeks” received 140.000.000 USD valued work completion certificate, apostilled by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

During 2014-2015, in addition to the manufacturing and montage consulting, the modules of the heavy lifting section of the viaduct of the Izmit Bay Bridge (Osman Gazi Bridge) was done by “Remeks”. The weight of 2650 and 2350 tons of two modules, were assembled on the ground according to the project coordinates. As a result of 8 months of intensive work, M29 and M31 modules were completed successfully.

“Remeks” put under its proud signature to projects such as roof and mesh structures of Bursa Municipality’s Crocodile Arena Stadium, manufacture of supporting columns of Vialand Family Coaster, main deck manufacture of Zaparoje bridge, manufacture of Mestia Bridge and additional crucial and precise projects. “Remeks” continues its way with qualified personnel and specialized manufacturing methods, both in and out of Turkey markets and provides efficient and transparent solution partnerships.