About Regamak

“REGAMAK” has been designed and manufactured by “Remeks” for use in steel bridge construction, assembly of reinforcements used in rectangular steel tank and ship construction on main sheet metal and automatic welding of assembled reinforcements at desired welding thickness.

“REGAMAK” allows simultaneous executions of many processes like grinding (cleaning) assembly, preheating, welding and reinforcement routing in iron and steel industry.

In these sectors, grinding (cleaning), reinforcement placing and welding operations are the most important factors that increase production costs and cause loss of time.

The method already being used is based on manpower and increases costs of reinforcement placing, welding operation and workmanship, and causes loss of quality and time. When cleaning of process remainders before press and welding, which are required for quality manufacturing, are considered, workmanship and consumable costs for cleaning during reinforcement placing are high.

As a result of our experiences as “Remeks”, grinding of 11-meter-long 6 reinforcement places, assembly and welding operations, which take nearly  112 man-hours when carried out using traditional methods, have been reduced to 30 man-hours by using “REGAMAK” assembly and welding robot under normal conditions. Even when considered only in terms of time, it provides savings to a great extent. Moreover, many processes depending on manpower like centering, mechanical grinding and workmanship during reinforcement placing are removed, thus reduces the costs.

Double sided welding of one reinforcement requires two welders. With “REGAMAK”, four and more reinforcements can be automatically welded under supervision of one welder. Manual welding may cause deformations in reinforcements and the main sheet metal. Besides, due to continuous stop-go actions during manual welding, welding quality remains low. “REGAMAK” allows non-stop, smooth and high quality welding. With “REGAMAK”, manpower requirement, material consumption and the time required for production are minimized as the production quality increases.

“REGAMAK” absorbs the harmful gases and particles released during cleaning and welding operation and discharges them to external environment. Thus, it minimizes the occupational disease risk of the personnel.