Zaparojye Bridge

The steel construction of the bridge with steel supports and concrete deck in Zaparojye, Ukraine was built by “Remeks”. 10HSND-2 quality steel was used for the steel structure and 200.000 share studs were used.

The steel construction of the bridge, which connects the 2 coasts of the Dinyeper river, was manufactured in Turkey and transported to the construction site in Zaparojye. The bridge construction consists of box beams (U shape), orthotropic panels, outer consoles, assembly plates.

The box beams weigh 30 to 60 tons, with self-radius and with self-deflection. Therefore, it is considered as a difficult structure to manufacture among bridges.

During the construction of the steel structures of the bridge, “GOST” standards were used as the main standardization:

  • VSN 188-78 (Mechanical Instructions for the welded members of bridge steel constructions);
  • SNIP 3.06.04-91 “Bridges and Pipes”;
  • DBN B.2.3-14 “Bridges and Pipes. Project Design Rules”;
  • SNIP III-18-75 “Project Works and Acceptance Rules”.

The process starts with the procurement of the materials and it ends with the transportation of the final product for montage.

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